What is the Terracotta Dota 2 League (TD2L)?

The Terracotta Dota 2 League (TD2L) provides a Dota 2 league formatted for individuals to have a place to play with and learn from other players of varying skill levels while providing competitive matches. The goals of each player may differ between learning from of the competitive style of Dota 2; improving their Dota 2 skills; meeting new friends and players; or as an outlet for their competitive Dota 2 desires. This is accomplished by providing players with as even as teams as possible with vary skill levels on each team so that more experienced players can teach those of lesser experience while every match remains as fair and competitive as possible.

Who can sign up?

Anyone is eligible to sign up to participate in TD2L. However we only accept individual sign ups, so no prearranged teams or group of friends can sign up together, and there is no guarantee that you and your friends will end up on the same team when signing up. Signing up also does not garrunteed participation, due to dependencies on other player signups. There are no fees currently associated with TD2L.

When will sign ups open?

Sign ups for new season open based on the end date of the previous season. Sign ups opening will be announced on our subreddit at/r/td2l/.

I've signed up, now what?

Please visit our subreddit at /r/td2l/. Make sure you have read and understand the rules. There will be anouncements and information for "inhouses". After sign ups are closed there will be a draft for each division where captains will pick teams from the list of players who have signed up. Participation in the inhouses as well as your initial sign up information are the best ways to get drafted to a good team. Once drafted you captains will be able to provide you with further guidance.

Where do I find more information about this league?

Visit our subreddit at /r/td2l/.

Who can I contact about the Terracotta Dota 2 League?

You may contact Remorse by sending him a private message on reddit, username neodar.

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